Monday, June 29, 2009

Can't go wrong with Silver

Thought I would share a super quick pair of earrings with everyone that really pops in the display cases. These are made with silver plated components - nickle free, antiqued and sealed for a lifetime of fabulous wear.

Personally I love these earrings because I can wear them with my more casual suits for when I teach classes or I can wear the with my strappy black evening gown - my choice for Christmas events. Anyway - they are supper easy to put together - just take a crystal bead of your choice - 6mm and an eye pin - thread it on, make a loop and use it to conect the dangle to the earwire.

These should retail for you between $12 and $20 depending on what area you are in economy-wise when you do your fairs.

Quick tip for the week - go to Next Day Flyers and have some fabulous biz cards printed just to dangle your earings from - you can have a decorative front that is nuetral enough to highlight but not compete with the beauty of your earrings and then you can load the back with info about you and your website. Etsy has several very talented digital artists that make backgrounds for ATC's that work really well for this application.

Punch holes for the earrings and if you hang the cards at your shows you have 2 options - either attach a plastic peal and stick hanger (jewelry show supply shops sell these in 100 packs cheap) or you can punch a hole in the top to hang on a peg. You can also get cello sleves to slip them in, if you want to set them out in a basket (people love to pick things up and get a really good look at how fabulous they are!)

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