Friday, July 3, 2009

Holiday Show

Very good news - we have a booth in the Denver Holiday Gift and Craft show! Yeah-hip-hip-hurray! We are very excited and have started the vast planning process for doing such a large show several states away. I intend to devote a few blogs to the process - it is going to be a grueling 4 months.

Tonight it is schedule time - from purchases to completion dates for each style of necklace and earrings. I just got in a bunch of Twilight themed items as the premier is the weekend after the show - I am also considering bringing in a men's line for the fellas.

So much fun - I just love seeing things set out for the fairs - all in neat little piles with their bright unbent tags....

Also, I wanted to thank everyone who has gotten in their entries to the design contest - some fabulous pieces!!!! You still have about 2 weeks so send in your ideas so keep them coming.

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