Monday, July 6, 2009

Trends for Jewelry

Tracking the newest trends are not easy - as a designer, you need a few weeks to bring in supplies, create your designs and get them ready to sell - the latest fad could be over by then. So how are small designers ever supposed to keep up?

A few simple suggestions - add a few fashion blogs to your bookmarks and check on them regularly to see the larger leanings of the industry (not necessarily this weeks hottest item). You will begin to see color, shape, size and materials that tend to stand out. Also take special note of what not so popular celebrity figures are wearing - like news anchors and indie singers - they tend to be more in line with what the average Jane is wanting to wear.

A couple of blogs I ran across for fashion:
Jewelry Trends '09
Fashion Jewelry

Keep in mind that not every woman wants to be a fashion model - most of us working women want to create a look for ourselves that will last more than one season. What this means to designers: keep in mind that a large portion of your designs should be geared to the everyday woman - this is your largest customer base (say 65%).

So when you are thinking about this fall's fairs and online sales think about keeping a ration that will help you promote volume sales - 65% everyday jewelry - 25% fashion trend jewelry (as close to up to the minute as you can get) - 10% elegant jewelry (evening out). Whether you work predominately with gemstones, glass beads, brass or hemp twists - you can tailor this formula to meet your customers needs, offering a nice variety in designs.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Holiday Show

Very good news - we have a booth in the Denver Holiday Gift and Craft show! Yeah-hip-hip-hurray! We are very excited and have started the vast planning process for doing such a large show several states away. I intend to devote a few blogs to the process - it is going to be a grueling 4 months.

Tonight it is schedule time - from purchases to completion dates for each style of necklace and earrings. I just got in a bunch of Twilight themed items as the premier is the weekend after the show - I am also considering bringing in a men's line for the fellas.

So much fun - I just love seeing things set out for the fairs - all in neat little piles with their bright unbent tags....

Also, I wanted to thank everyone who has gotten in their entries to the design contest - some fabulous pieces!!!! You still have about 2 weeks so send in your ideas so keep them coming.