Monday, February 23, 2009

Photo Inclusions

So there are about a hundred ways to get your favorite snippets of art into your jewelry. There are hard ways like transfers and there are easy ways like cutting up a picture and gluing the thing down. I choose the easy way - but with flair!

This series of shots shows how to create a clear acrylic piece with a photo glued to the backside of it. These are the Tim Holtz acrylics - you can get them in our shop. I am also using the Crystal Clear glaze - it is super thick and perfect for this application.

Put a small amount in the center - don’t go to the edge - then lay on your photo and squeeze out the excess and any bubbles. Wipe the edge with a cotton tip swab and let set overnight. Seriously - overnight - do up several and then have fun in the morning.

When dry trim back the picture with your craft knife and seal the back with more glaze or a clear acrylic paint if you are in a hurry. Now you can use these in any mixed media project - they are so perfect glued on a filigree piece and used as a pendant (Next blog).

Tip: Make sure to use real photos from the photo center -Winkflash is good and cheap. I have done the figuring and it really is cheaper to have your pictures printed at a pro’s than to do it yourself -- And they look tons better.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alice is Back

We all love Alice in wonderland - which is made quite obvious by the amount of Alice crafts and jewelry on Etsy. Personally, my tastes run towards Dark Alice...with a bit more mistchief than innocence in her eyes! Look soon for my own Dark Alice paintings in cameos over at our Etsy shop.

But for now - the classic Alice has made her way into a set of 5 pendants at Winter Rose Cameos but they are going fast - I started listing yesterday and 3 are now gone - I only made ten this batch so hurry to grab them while they are still available.

These are a fabulous deal to make up a line of Alice necklaces - like this one perhapse:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Savings on Supplies

Shipping costs on jewelry boxes and display items can run more than the items themselves - but Gems on Display is currently running a free shipping promo and they have some of the lowest prices I have found on displays and jewelry boxes. Those gorgeous brown craft jewelry boxes that are so easy to personalize - you can get some of them for as little as 10 cents each! Check it out at Gems on Display.

Quick tip - personalize your craft boxes with a simple rubber stamp image and a length of hem tape - you can find all sorts of colors of this in our shop. These personal touches are really appreciated by customers.