Monday, February 23, 2009

Photo Inclusions

So there are about a hundred ways to get your favorite snippets of art into your jewelry. There are hard ways like transfers and there are easy ways like cutting up a picture and gluing the thing down. I choose the easy way - but with flair!

This series of shots shows how to create a clear acrylic piece with a photo glued to the backside of it. These are the Tim Holtz acrylics - you can get them in our shop. I am also using the Crystal Clear glaze - it is super thick and perfect for this application.

Put a small amount in the center - don’t go to the edge - then lay on your photo and squeeze out the excess and any bubbles. Wipe the edge with a cotton tip swab and let set overnight. Seriously - overnight - do up several and then have fun in the morning.

When dry trim back the picture with your craft knife and seal the back with more glaze or a clear acrylic paint if you are in a hurry. Now you can use these in any mixed media project - they are so perfect glued on a filigree piece and used as a pendant (Next blog).

Tip: Make sure to use real photos from the photo center -Winkflash is good and cheap. I have done the figuring and it really is cheaper to have your pictures printed at a pro’s than to do it yourself -- And they look tons better.


MarionL said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I'd never heard of this plastic stuff. I've recently been using the microscope slides and solder, which has caused me to learn new cuss words. LOL! (Although I'm determined to get the technique down!) I can't wait to head to my craft store for some shopping! Thanks!!!

Kelli said...

Hi, and thanks for the excellent blog, (and all the hard-to-find items in your shop) I've been trying to find the Crystal Clear Glaze, but can't seem to find it anywhere. Is is still around, or, if not, what would you recommend for the same purpose, clear acrylics and photos? Many thanks. :)