Saturday, June 20, 2009

Call for Designers

Posting late due to fabulous weather and a new garden - hopefully you were all out enjoying the last day of spring too. And now on to the posting - I am running a contest for designers using our Woodland Brass pieces. Simple rules and a fabulous prize for everyone who participates.
Prizes first cause that's the fun part:

First Prize - Your design and site will be featured with our next Ad in Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine and featured on this blog and Twitter. Plus a fabulous set of supplies.

Second and Third place get a fabulous sample pack of supplies and a feature with photo on our blog.

EVERYONE gets a shout out for their shop here on our blog and on Twitter for participating.

And now the rules:
A good photo of your design will need to be sent to me - use the etsy convo for this at our shop or you can send me a link to a listing you already have designed at the shop or in the comment box here. Designs must use our Woodland brass pieces prominently in either the silver or brass ox colors. (Chain and/or beads need not be from our shop but the stampings/charms need to be from us.) All entries will need to be in by July 15, 2009.

Designs will be chosen based on three factors:
  1. Focal use of our products
  2. Overal esthetics
  3. Originality and Creativity
We may need the winner to send the product to us for a picture suitable for our ad. If you have any questions, just let me know and good luck to everyone - I can't wait to see all your designs.


Designs by Blanche said...

I am so in! Looks like a lot of fun - thanks for doing this!


Bisou Bisou Beads said...

I'm definately in... soon as my supplies arrive. I ordered them a couple of days ago so they should be here soon!


Heatherly Designs said...

I am in on this. I have to come up with something new.