Friday, June 12, 2009

Simple Summer

My sister requested a few very simple designs to wear this summer with sleeveless V-neck tops (apparently all the rage in the Midwest) so I thought I would post a few pictures here for everyone to get a bit of inspiration from - Simply Summer!

The supplies for these designs can be found at Winter Rose Designs

Clip a pre-made chain in half and insert a connector focal like these owls or the butterfly bellow.
Quick - Simple - Showstopper

This is a lariet style necklace with one of our silver washers and the Fleur de lis pendant - add a gem or pearl to add a bit of interest.

A charm, a wrapped pearl, a pre-made necklace and a jump ring - instant crowd pleasing necklace.

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Bisou Bisou Beads said...

Gorgeous designs- I love your work and your blog. It has wonderful tips! ♥