Monday, June 15, 2009


Trying something new today - with every $10 order for the rest of the month, if you mention this blog you are going to get a kit to make these fabulous Midnight Blue Dangle earrings with silver plated hoops and antique silver plated bead caps - you can even cut and paste these pictures to sell them on your Etsy site. Easy and Fun.

1-2-3 instructions:
  1. Push pin through bead and cap.
  2. Trim pin and make a loop
  3. String on ear wire
The beads are Czech 8mm - the caps are our Gothic Caps (S-167) - the ear wires are the nice long ones - nearly 2 inches for added drama.


Andria said...

Ooh, way cute earrings! I hope I remember to mention the blog when I order from you this month, which I'm sure I will!

Bisou Bisou Beads said...

Very cute!

I forgot to mention the blog when I ordered then I accidentally sent the message to the wrong seller. lol Oh well, better luck next time! ;)