Friday, June 5, 2009

To Twitter or not to Twitter

Getting the word out about your shop is hard on a budget - I advertise a bit in national mags. and I have done a few paid internet ads, but more of my sales come through direct communication like blogs and inserts. So when Twitter came along I was fascinated, but a little leery of this new phenomena - So I stayed away - till now.

In my new marketing plan 'check out Twitter' was in my research section - so I wandered over there last night and set up an account for one of my jewelry shops - It was easy to do and I was sending out tweets right away. I thought "OK, but now what - how is this going to translate into sales? Is it going to be more work with no real benefit?"

Well, here is how it translates into easy sales - you add the Twitter page to your toolbar so it is easy to log into in the morning - just like your Etsy, Email and Blog - get up there and make life easy - now click on it and send out a tiny message. Add a link to the newest piece of jewelry you listed and just watch how many hits it gets in the 2 hours after you post the Tweet!

Next, Twitter is a social networking site so you follow folks and folks follow you - within 12 hours we had a Teen Celebrity following us! You can also send out personal messages on Twitter to all your followers and invite them to look at your site - do the same for them.

And yes, Twitter did translate to sales for us last night! I was thrilled - 5 minutes was all it took!

Some Twitter tips -be spontanious and funny - it's not all about the product-it's about your personality getting some attention. Second, Twitter puts up a list of other Tweeters that you might want to add as friends based on the messages you send out - so use words that will garner you friends that are into what you do.

Be sure and post comments about your Tweeting here - I have to create another accout for each of my sites - this is far too much fun! Tweet you later - have a Fabulous weekend!


ck4eva said...

So... how do I find you on twitter?

Deb said...

Ditto the comment above. I also finally succumbed to Twitter.

Bisou Bisou Beads said...

How do you add the Twitter page to your toolbar to track your stats and such?

Heatherly Designs said...

Same questions here. I want to add you on Twitter but I don't know the name of your jewelry shop.

Also I am not sure what you're talking about when you say adding Twitter to your tool bar.