Friday, April 10, 2009

Marie with Pearls

This is a quick and easy bracelet that has a ton of wow factor. Ten minutes is all you need. Grab up a few pearls, a pair of triangular shaped brass filigrees and an 18x13mm lace edge cameo -- check out our Etsy supplies. Toss in a twisted jump ring, a lobster clasp, 4 - 4mm jump rings and a few steel eye pins.

Slightly curve the filigree pieces - use your fingers to avoid marking the metal with pliers. Then attach them to your cameo with the jump rings. Make a few links with the pearls and eye pins to add length to the back and finish with your twisted jump ring and lobster clasp.

If the pearls give you problems getting the eye pins through -- try using a pearl reamer to gently open the hole. I like to use natural pearls - they have more character. The pearls used in this design were dyed bronze.

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