Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chandelier Inspirations

Dangle me fabulous - I love a grand chandelier, swinging slightly, letting soft light bounce along the walls. The cascade of dangling metal and crystal translates well into jewelry. The three examples here all start with a photo pendant/charm with looped edges.

The loops allow for optimum dangling positions - there is a bit of science behind the chandelier look, such as shorter sides and a longer dropping center. These are so easy to make - you will want to have head and eye pins on hand - use the eye pins to create smaller links that connect into a single dangle, the more "joints" your dangles have the more they will sway.
No need to keep things symetrical - try dangling similar size items from both sides, even if they are different, like in this romantic necklace:These looped settings, brass baubles, gemstones and findings can be found in our shop - thank you for stopping by.

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la.marquise said...

Your jewelry is beautiful! So many wonderful ideas! I have your site on etsy shop and I intend to purchase items to create jewelry my turn. I still a small question, what do you put on your images so that they are clean? resin? Glass? Varnish? The original image is it paper? I'll be very happy if you could help me, thank you in advance!