Sunday, April 19, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

Tis the season for garage sales -- you can't resist them and you know it! The best inspiration comes from rummaging through other peoples "treasures". This bracelet is made from an old key and a broken earring (the cabochon in gold).

Take a brass bracelet blank from our shop , a few gemstones and some ribbon - check out our findings section for new colors of ribbon. Make a small chain of gemstones, about 7 and hook it to one end of the bracelet and then to a link at the center.

Skip a link or two and tie in your ribbon - twist around the remaining chain a few times and tie off at the end of the clasp. At the center you can go a bit wild, hook in some teardrop or flower beads, use a jump ring to add in larger items like the key or earring bits.

Tip - Use torn strips of vintage fabric or lace instead of ribbon.

These quick pieces are always OOAK because of the treasures you include. So as you set forth to the first of the spring rummage sales, look at all the little bits of junk as gems to be shared in your designs.

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