Monday, April 13, 2009

Charmed I'm Sure

We all get to the point where time becomes a major factor in how many new designs we can put out in a week. Which often means that our shops get a bit thin during busy times. A quick remedy for this is to stock a dozen or so easy to make and easy to relist items. This saves time not having to take new photos and fill out new listings for those of you on Etsy

These earings are so simple you will be doing them in your sleep! Take a pair of ear wires and bend open the bottom loop, insert charm by it's little loop and close. Repeat on second ear wire and gaze fondly at your fabulous new product!

For these pieces to really stand out use high quality, detailed charms like those available in our shop. Also make sure your pictures are fabulous -- retouch them, brighten them and list multiple views -- when you relist them over and over you will want them to be your very best.

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