Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bridesmaid Gifts

A couple of ideas even a bride has time to create - charm bracelet and charming necklace. All charms, beads and blanks can be found here. Because these items are made with blanks (an empty chain precut and with clasp already inserted - such a time saver) these pieces seem to make themselves.
True Love in Lavender has a bit everything Lovely - key and heart lock, rose, swan, cherub, rings, wedding cake.... all slipped on with sturdy 18 gauge jump rings (the lower the number the stronger the gauge) The flowers are hooked on with an eye pin.

Love is Buzzing is a perfect gift for all of those people helping out in the wedding events. Create these little necklaces in groups of 6 and market them as gifts for occasions like weddings, office exchanges, book clubs etc. They take minimal time and supplies so you can offer fabulous pricing.

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