Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ribbon Ends...

Ribbons are all the rage right now and hem tape is the best bet for jewelers. It is rayon - doesn’t ravel overly much, comes in all sorts of fabulous colors, looks vintage right off the roll - Completely fabulous.

You can tie them in - fabulous vintage feel - just add a dab of glue inside the knot for stability.

Or dress it up a bit with a crimp end - just follow the squares to a fabulous finish.

You can also use a tube bead and then crimp it flat for a nice clean looking connection - you can use this at the front to connect into your design or at the back to hook into a jump ring or chain closure seamlessly. (Personally I love a ribbon tie back - it is so feminine!)

Here is a bit more complicated design - take one of our lattice bars and cut it in half. Turn it into a ribbon crimp by carefully folding over the cut portion of the bar, inserting the ribbon and closing the finished side of the bar over the back. This way all the cut ends are enclosed and you have a fabulous looking connection.

Give hem tape a try - make something fabulous! We have nearly a dozen shades and all the brass ox supplies you see here - just visit our etsy shop.


Teisha said...

Oh I love it. I'm so glad you are taking the time to show us all these great ideas. Trying to teach myself was not working out so well.

MarionL said...

Beautiful necklace and a great idea I plan to try. Thanks for posting those simple instructions!!