Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bail Out!

You have a chain and a fabulous handcrafted pendant, now if you only had a bail to join them. I never seem to have one at my desk when I need one and often commercial bails are just too plain for handmade pendants. Also, bails are often hard to find in the color you are working with - but they are quick and easy to make. Most small symmetrical connectors can be fashioned into a bail if they are at least 18mm long and have a filigree at the tips.

Choose your filigree and finish if necessary (see other posts on how to color brass). Take a pair of flat nose pliers and grasp the filigree in the exact center. Finger fold the metal downwards to form a U. Bend the ends together and slide your chain through. A small jump ring will go through the bottom filigree and attach your pendant.

Customizing your own bail adds that extra touch to your design that makes it OOAK. The connector I have used here is one of my staple piece - I use it as a lengthener and bail regularly - Check out our etsy shop - we carry this Celtic connector in antique gold, antique silver, brass ox and raw brass (Yes - we love it that much!)

This necklace is available at Winter Rose Cameos.

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