Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jump Ring Opener

A necessity if you want to keep your fingernails intact! This little beauty gives you all the leverage you need to open even the thick jump rings. You can find them in our Etsy shop under the findings tab - if you don't see one there convo us - we will just need to relist.

How does this work - you ask? Well slip it on your finger and slide the jump ring into the slot - three size slots for varied thickness of jump rings. Then take your pliers and, using the ring as leverage, push the ring open.

This opens the ring without changing the round shape - when you are ready to close it - just slide the jump ring in the slot again and push the opposite way.

Easier than the two pliers method for certain - have fun!

1 comment:

MarionL said...

I have got to have one of those! I just got home from Michael's with a tiny bag of copper jump rings to make some necklaces with copper colored dragonflies I got from Etsy. Thanks for sharing!