Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NEW Items and Selling Tip

We have posted several new items today and thought you might like a preview of a few fabulous new pieces. These focals are great for quick necklaces that really show well at holiday fairs. Just add a partially beaded chain, a drop dangle or use as a simple pendant - these stampings shine all on their own!

We are using many of these pieces in our own jewelry for this fall's big fair - I like to have a good line of reasonably priced show stopping pieces between $28 and $38 mark. These pieces really draw the eye of the woman that is working and needs to spruce up an old outfit. In fact we use this as a big selling point we say something like:

"With money being so tight for all of us, instead of a new outfit that could be nearly $200, we take an old outfit and update it with a fabulous piece of new jewelry that draws attention for a fraction of the cost. It's quite a steal."

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