Monday, August 3, 2009

Brass Noir

It is here finally - after 6 months on the planning board and searching out the one plater in the US that could create this incredible finish we are introducing our exclusive Brass Noir.

This near black brass offers you an entire new way to create Vintage Inspired and Gothic Victorian designs. These pieces look as if they were unearthed from a Victorian jewelry chest - I've never seen anything like this finish.
I will be listing it up for you all week.

We have all sorts of pieces from filigree to focals and findings - fabulous chains and matching earring hooks and jump rings. I will be listing all week. WARNING - we have a limited stock. We did a sample run to test this finish and have less than 24 of most designs so it will be a first come first get's the goods week. More will be coming but it will be a few weeks and fairs are coming up quickly.

The jewelry here is some we have started creating for our own fall shows - no one else is going to have this - We wanted it specifically for this years fairs to stand above all the other jewelry booths with something truly unique. Feel free to duplicate any design here - we love to be your inspiration.


BumbleBeads Designs said...


ck4eva said...

Ooh it's gorgeous! I love it!

Deb said...

Nice finish!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and IMMEDIATELY went to etsy and bought some of these pieces!!! I love them! Plus, I am addicted to reading EVERYTHING on here and am truly inspired. Thanks for everything you do. YOU ROCK!

serrelynda said...

unbelieveable finish!