Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Photo Inclusions - Part 2

A few posts back I gave some info on making acrylic photo charms. This post will show a few fun ways to get those charms into your designs. First, you can simply glue onto a hair clip base, a bail with a glue pad or a brooch base. You can also glue it directly onto a filigree with E6000 crafting glue (outdoors preferably 'cause this stuff stinks). Then you have all sorts of loops to start creating with.Another easy way to get a loop on these for hanging is with a glue on pinch bail - these are available in our shop too. Just wrap around your pliers to curve and pinch onto the charm with a bit of glue.This collage piece is a fun way to use the smaller acrylic charms - take a large blank wood piece with a hole drilled in the top then start building. I antiqued the wood a bit with some copper paint and then made a stencil from a piece of tag paper and a decorative paper punch. A blend of peridot and copper paint gives the stenciled Fleur de Lis a vintage look. Then it's all about the layering, a rhinestone here, the acrylic charm there and finish it off with a few brass stampings and a fabulous cocoa ribbon (From our vintage collection).

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