Thursday, February 18, 2010

Alice for a Grown Up's Fancy

So the current craze is for Alice themed jewelry - you have probably already discovered this. And for those of us grown ups who secretly can't wait for the premier of the new movie, jewelry is a good fix. But not all of us want the fluffy pink Alice and white rabbit jewelry - so here are a few designs adapted for adults - all of these charms and filigrees are available in our shop.

The White Queen
Elegant and vintage looking with a side strand of pearls and a few brass bits.

The Queen of Hearts
A side strand of opulent rondells and deep garnet ovals is offset by a nice chunky chain and delicate morning glory heart. The dangle is done with a lighter chain and brass ox charms themed to her royal court.

The basics are all here but not in a flashy way - a tiered tea set with clock and initial are glitzed up with a few faceted chunky teardrop crystals with a brown overglaze. Just clip them into a chunky chain and you are good to go - this one also makes a great bracelet or broach fob.


Som's Studio said...

I really like the 3rd one : "Alice". It has all the components of the mad hatter tea party and I love that clock!

Donna said...

Oh my gosh! How is it I am just finding this blog! Beautiful designs and I'm crazy for all of them. Now I have to go shopping again. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration.