Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Please leave a comment on what you would most like to re-design into a fabulous piece of altered artwork.

Me, I have always wanted to alter a piano. Yep, an old upright, dark oak piano. My sister is a concert pianist and while I was also sat in front of a piano for years to practice, I had other ideas as to what a piano would be good for.

I see scrollwork in walnut ink and winged fairies in shades of fall splendor. There are tiny arched doorways tucked around the corner and ivy trailing thick tree trunks. Hundreds of tiny brass leaves would be inked and strung to fall off one side….

Turning a piano into a piece of ethereal art seems appropriate. Music opens the world to possibility and imagination. It is only appropriate that such a portal between reality and fantasy should be a work of altered art.

This gets to the heart of what altered art is - the desire to create something meaningful to the artist from the beautiful pieces of their life. I grew up with a piano as the center of our home, so toss in a lifelong love of Celtic music, a few tubes of oil paints and some pieces of old brass….and you have my dream project, twining the lovely bits of my life into a creation of meaning and beauty.

So what would you alter?

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Jill said...

I have yet to really alter anything but oh how I want to. I did alter a piano in a fashion--not really what you're talking about but I turned one into a puppet theatre and I love it!!